May News



We have just returned from our 4 dates with Sarkom in Manchester, Banbury, London and Manchester. Where we had a blast at all the shows. We would like to thank Gavin Davies of Eradication booking agency for organising the shows for us. Sarkom for being a great bunch of lads and made every gig very enjoyable. We would like to thank the different promoters, sound engineers and stage hands at each of the shows in helping each night run smoothly. Most importantly we would like to thank the audiences at each of the dates for supporting extreme metal and keeping the live music scene going and giving us an excellent reception each night. We do still have very limited amounts of the tour shirt available to buy in our shop at


We also wanted to present some more news, we have been added to Brighton’s Mammothfest in October on 5th. Marduk & Ragnarok have also been added to Rites of the black Mass in Bucharest in October. So this is building up to be a very exciting festival for our first time in Romania later in the year.


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