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Loucifer Speaks Interview by Louise Yardley:

“Krieg from Stahlsarg may look familiar to some of you as he used to be in war torn Black Metallers Eastern Front. After gracing Bloodstock’s Sophie Stage with them in 2012, Krieg and Eastern Front parted ways and Stahlsarg was created. After the release of the epic “Damocles XIII” (buy it from your favourite digital retailer ;) – I got mine from Amazon (Click here to get yours!) – I jumped at the chance to throw some questions at Krieg. The results can be seen below…

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Stahlsarg @ Bloodstock Open Air 10/08/2014

As the tail of Hurricane Bertha decimates Bloodstock, Catton Hall’s stately grounds begin to resemble a war torn battlefield. Churned mud transforms the glorious green pasture into the Somme and you can’t help but feel that, somewhere in the slate-grey sky, there’s incoming fire.
Stahlsarg might take to the Sophie Lancaster Stage with only a handful of gigs under their collective bullet belts, but the intent is evident from the get-go. ‘Frostbitten Division’ opens the set with the light artillery of Krieg and Eissturm’s guitar leading the attack, holding the line until the heavy guns launch; there’s a definite take-no-prisoners feel about Stahlsarg’s performance today. Their Black Metal is forged more in the Death-centric fields of Sweden than the icy plains of Norway and it’s Dark Funeral who is brought most immediately to mind. A forest of horns greets Metzger’s bile-sodden delivery, whereas the mid-section breakdown is all about the bombardment from the rhythm men, causing heads to bang in unison.
Stahlsarg play a disciplined set, it’s subtly controlled, yet the aggression and fury never allow you to forget they’re there, lurking in every drum-beat, in every chord. ’Black Valhalla’ might eschew blast-beats in favour of building atmosphere through riff repetition, but the variation in tempo doesn’t once disrupt the momentum and you find yourself drawn in.
Rhythm section of Destruction and drummer Eissenfaust hold it together, laying a platform upon which the guitars of Krieg and Eissturm can snipe riff after riff into the sizable crowd. Krieg stands on the monitors, up-lighters illuminating him like some berserker ready for battle, whereas Eissturm maintains his position behind a mikestand, offering support to Metzger.
For a band with limited live experience Stahlsarg play like old campaigners, filled with war stories. With only a half-hour set they employ the blitzkrieg technique: ’Mein Blut Fur Eisen Und Geroll, ’Steel Coffin’ and Frozen Flesh Order’ barrage the afternoon sky. Victory is declared with ’Damocles XIII’, a merciless demonstration of the Stahlsarg war machine in full force.
You can tell this campaign has been successful when someone in a Bring Me The Horizon t-shirt is overheard asking where he can get hold of a copy of Stahlsarg’s album; it’s a sentiment echoed by many of us who witness this consummate display.



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