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Stahlsarg Press Pack 2018

The UK black metal band, Stahlsarg were conceived in 2013 and immediately took to the road to travel through the UK and Europe. Air time includes Bloodstock Radio, Total Rock Radio, ICR, BRFM, Top Rock Radio and a number of other online stations. They’ve also featured in UK, European and American music magazines.

In early 2018 Stahlsarg signed to the agency Go Loud Agency to handle all their festivals and upcoming shows. The band supported Inquisition and Septic Flesh in London back in January. They returned to play in Belgium in April, were main support to the Norwegian black metal band Sarkom on a UK tour in May. Stahlsarg will be playing for the first time in Bucharest at Rites of the Black Mass alongside Marduk, Candlemass & more and in Italy in Naples at Cult of Parthenope Black metal Fest 2018. Finally finishing the year, playing Ragnarok Festival in Norwich in November. Stahlsarg are continuing to organise more upcoming shows in the UK and Europe and are writing new material for a third album to be released in 2019.

2017 started off in HVR studios in Suffolk recording the second album titled ‘Mechanisms Of Misanthropy’. It was produced by Danny B Takoma and later released by Non Serviam Records in October. The album was supported by a number of UK dates across the country. The band played London’s Incineration Festival alongside Sodom & 1349, played Beermageddon 2017 alongside the German black metal band Unlight and toured throughout the UK extensively. Stahlsarg played London’s Incineration Festival alongside Sodom & 1349, played Beermageddon Festival 2017 alongside the German black metal band Unlight and toured throughout the UK extensively.

2016 shaped up to be anther busy year, having played gigs in Norway at the prestigious festival Inferno Metal Festival and played Germany’s Kings of black Metal Festival, as well as Holland, France, Belgium and gigs/ festivals in the UK. The band ended the year writing new material for their second release to be released in 2017

Early 2015 Stahlsarg proudly created Stahlsarg Beer – handcrafted in association with The Dove Brewery, Ipswich and this was followed by a headline show in Camden, London. The band played a roaring set in Germany at Wonnemond Festival in May, sharing the stage with the German black metal legends Endstille. Stahlsarg attracted the attention of Randall amplification and Jackson guitars and are now proud to be a part of their artist roster.

Stahlsarg’s debut album, “Comrades In Death” is available internationally via the Danish label Mighty Music. Recorded with Danny B Takoma (Criminal, Lock Up) of HVR studios, Powerplay magazine is calling it a “multi-dimentional piece of work”. The band were honoured to be invited on a short tour throughout the UK, once again supporting Endstille, coinciding with the album’s release in October 2015. The band finished 2015 with another headline show this time in Birmingham.

2014 saw such milestones as supporting pioneers of Norwegian black metal, Mayhem, on their sole UK date in London, storming Belgium with Italian black metallers Handful of Hate and joining black metal band Excruciate 666 in France. Stahlsarg were also honoured to grace the Sophie Lancaster stage at Bloodstock 2014, warming up the crowd for Satan. No strangers to the festival scene, Stahlsarg also enjoyed Beermageddon Festival in Birmingham and Belgium’s No Compromise Metal Festival alongside headliner Crystal Viper.

Stahlsarg are:                                                                                                                                        Vocals & Guitars – Eissturm                                                                                                             Guitars – Krieg                                                                                                                                   Bass – Destruction
Drums – Eisenfaust

Live Dates

11/11/2018 – Ragnarok festival 2018, B2, Norwich, UK
14/05/18 – Sarkom & Stahlsarg Tour – Fuel Rock club, Cardiff
13/05/18 – Sarkom & Stahlsarg Tour – Incineration Festival, The Dome, London
12/05/18 – Sarkom & Stahlsarg Tour – The Wheatsheaf, Banbury, UK
11/05/18 – Sarkom & Stahlsarg Tour – The Aatma, Manchester, UK
16/04/18 – Hats Barn Stahlsarg & more, MCP Apache Evenements, Belgium
22.01/18 – Septic Flesh, Inquisition & Stahlsarg, Camden Underworld, London
16/12/17 – Stahlsarg & Saille, Black Heart, London,UK
18/11/17 – Stahlsarg headline show, Goole, UK
27/08/17 – Beermageddon Festival 2017
25/08/17 – Stahlsarg, Unlight & Totengefluster, Unicorn, London, UK
30/07/17 – Stahlsarg & Old Corpse Road, The Fenton, Leeds, UK
29/07/17 – Stahlsarg & Old Corpse Road, Mulberry Tavern, Sheffield, UK
28/07/17 – Stahlsarg & Old Corpse Road, The Chameleon, Nottingham, UK            26/05/17 – Stahlsarg & Formicarius, The Underground, Plymouth, UK
21/05/17 – Stahlsarg, Shadowflag, Soulphernus – Fulford Arms, York, UK
20/05/17 – Christ Agony, Nahemia, Stahlsarg & more – Retro bar, Manchester, UK 19/05/17 – Stahlsarg, Shadowflag, Petrichor – Scruffy Murphys , Birmingham, UK 13/05/17 – Incineration Festival 2017 – London,UK                                                              17/02/17 – Stahlsarg headline show, B2, Norwich, UK
16-17/09/16 – Warhorns Festival 2016, Selby, UK
13/05/16 – Stahlsarg + Infernal Sea, Newcastle, UK
12/05/16 – Stahlsarg + Infernal Sea, Manchester, UK
11/05/16 – Stahlsarg + Infernal Sea, Birmingham, UK
01/05/16 – Thrashersaurus Festival 2016, Norwich, UK
23/04/16 – Stahlsarg (headline show) Lille, France
22/04/16 – Kings Of Black Metal Festival, Alsfeld, Germany
23-26/03/16 – Inferno Metal Festival, Oslo, Norway
06/03/16 – Stahlsarg (headline show) + Hoaxbane, Camden Unicorn, London, UK 13/02/16 – Grimm Extreme Fest, Gent, Belgium                                                                12/02/16 – Stahlsarg + Weltschmerz, Winston Kingdom, Amsterdam, Holland
04/12/15 – Stahlsarg + Shadow Flag + Cacodaemonic, Scruffy Murphys, Birmingham, UK 30/10/15 – Endstille + Stahlsarg + Verdelet, Camden Barfly, London, UK
29/10/15 – Endstille + Stahlsarg + Vehement, Frog bar, Brighton UK
28/10/15 – Endstille + Stahlsarg, Ivory Blacks, Glasgow
15/05/15 – Wonnemond Festival 2015, Sebnitz, Germany
01/02/15 – Headline show at Unicorn in Camden, London, UK
29/11/14 – Attitude Metal Fest 2014, Lowestoft, UK
8/11/14 – Headline show, Igelrock, Douai France
31/10/14 – Headline live in Ghent, Belgium
11/09/14 – Krow, Stahlsarg & Warcrab, Owl Sanctuary, Norwich UK
06/09/14 – No Compromise Metal Fest 2014, Belgium
22/8/ 14 – Beermageddon Festival 2014, UK
07-10/08/2014 Bloodstock festival 2014 , UK                                                                        21/5/2014 Mayhem, Merrimack & Stahlsarg, the Garage, London                                                  31/01/14 Handful of Hate, Excruciate 666, Stahlsarg, Ghent, Belgium                              01/02/14 Handful of Hate, Excruciate 666, Stahlsarg, Hautrage, Belgium                      02/02/14 Handful of Hate, Excruciate 666, Stahlsarg, Paris, France



Links & Contact

www.facebook.com/stahlsarguk                                                                   www.stahlsargofficial.com                                                             www.reverbnation.com/stahlsarg

Contact :

Booking – Go Loud Agency steve(at)goloudagency.com

Band contact – stahlsarg(at)hotmail.co.uk


Album 1 – Comrades in Death, Released 23rd October 2015 through Mighty Music


Album 2: Mechanisms of Misanthropy released 31/10/2017 by Non Servian Records